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Denise M
Private Practice Psychotherapist

I highly recommend Rosemont Therapy to anyone who has had any kind of pain, anywhere for any length of time. I’ve only had eight sessions with Dennis and I can honestly say that I am getting my life back. …my pain is going away. Before going to Rosemont Therapy, I had given up – had bought in to the life sentence I was given of being “permanently partially disabled.” I’ve been in chronic pain since October of 2007

when I was injured in a four-car automobile accident. I tried various types of treatment programs including chiropractic, physical therapy and facet joint and trigger point injections. I went to numerous doctors and pain management specialists and found absolutely no relief. Collectively, their advice was to just take my narcotics and to “learn to live with the pain.” After 4 years of this, my depression and apathy was the only thing that changed- it increased as my activity level and hope decreased. So after only 8 sessions (which is only 8 hours!) things have turned around dramatically!!! I know it seems too good to be true, but all I can say is you have to experience it for yourself. Dennis has a gift and I believe that the Lord works through him. When I went to my first appointment I hoped myofascial release would help, but didn’t think that it would. I was afraid to be disappointed yet again. It’s been eight weeks and I’m committed to continuing in this healing process hour by hour for as long as it takes. I’m already better and I every week when I go, I know that I’m another step closer to being able to take my daughter to Disneyland again. I encourage you to start fighting back too. Don’t let the pain continue to dominate your life. I believe that your body can heal itself too, like mine is!
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Don W

“After 9 years of Chiropractic treatment for scoliosis of the lumbar and 4 bulging discs and tilled pelvis, I was still having constant pain in right hip and lower back with a increasing bending at the waist. I was recommended by my chiropractor to see Dennis for some Myofascial Release treatments. After the first treatment the pain in the right hip was gone. After 16 treatments I am standing up straight and the scoliosis of the lumbar has been greatly reduced and pelvis is level again.”

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Your myofascial release work has ended 16 weeks of terrible, daily headaches.  I can function as a student and member of my rowing team again.  You gave me hope when I was running out of it.  I would certainly recommend family and friends to your practice.

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Ian Frey
Real Property Appraiser

After making the transition from retail work to office work, it was only a year before I started having intense muscle tightness and aches. After exhausting all possibilities through the traditional route (physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture), I decided to take a different approach. A family relative had referred me to Dennis and Carol and the idea of Myofascial Release. At that point in time, I was open to anything.

I have now been working with Dennis and Carol for about a year, and I have seen dramatic changes. Not only has Myofascial Release eased a lot of my muscle tightness, but Dennis has taught me new ideas about how to approach life’s everyday challenges, and the idea of living “in the moment”.

Every week I enjoy going to my appointments. Dennis has a sincerity about him that makes you feel comfortable, and his desire to help you get better is very reassuring. I would highly recommend Rosemont Pain Relief Therapy to anyone who is experiencing muscular aches

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Wendy Haydu
Merchandise Coordinator

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of seven and have suffered for years with severe neck, shoulder and back pain due to mis-aligned muscles. I have tried various types of treatment programs including chiropractic, physical therapy and deep tissue massage. There was always some initial relief however, the day after any of these treatment methods, I noticed that the pain was more severe than it initially was prior walking into the session. After many years of trial and error, I continued to research other methods of pain relief and found the Rosemont website that spoke of myofascial treatment. The program described exactly the type of pain that I suffer from so, I thought I would give it a try. After several sessions with Dennis, I began to see some progress. The pain wasn’t as severe as it used to be! That was a step in the right direction. Dennis understands the pain that I suffer from. Rosemont Pain Relief Therapy has taught me self treatment methods that I can use at home in between my sessions which have helped tremendously. I am really happy with the outcome so far and look forward to a pain free future with his help.


Client since: June 2005

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