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We see athletes of all levels of competition. Whether an amateur or a professional, we can help you recover faster from your injury with John F. Barnes’ myofascial release therapy.


Plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, hamstring pain, sciatica, back pain, tennis elbow, shin splints, muscle strain and tendonitis, plus many sport injuries can be helped with Myofascial Release Therapy .  We have treated professional athletes from the following sports; basketball, bowling, baseball and golf.

When a muscle is damaged due to a sports injury, the harm can be in the form of full or partial tearing of the muscle fibers and tendons. This tearing can also damage small blood vessels, causing bleeding, bruising, and pain. Most sports injuries are sprains, which manifest with swelling, bruising or redness, pain at rest, pain when the specific muscle or joint is used, weakness of the muscle, or inability to use the muscle at all.

For the record, most sports injuries heal just fine on their own. Clients are out of action for a short while, but, after a brief healing period, things are as good as new. However, some seemingly minor sports injuries end up as lifetime nuisances, while some pretty rough tumbles heal like they never happened.
Bodywork may be performed immediately after a sports injury, but always check with a physician to determine the extent of structural, soft-tissue, and nerve damage before proceeding. Severe damage may not allow bodywork to be done right away.

Myofascial Release Therapy can benefit sports injuries in the following ways:

  1. Improved range of motion and muscle flexibility. This results in increased power and performance, which helps you work efficiently and with proper intensity to facilitate the body’s muscle-building response.
  2. Helps shorten recovery time between workouts.
  3. Helps prevent and even heal injuries. By stretching connective tissue, Myofascial Release Therapy improves circulation to help prevent or break down adhesions.