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Myofascial Personalized Home Treatment / Flexibility Program

Myofascial stretching is different from and more effective than traditional stretching. Rather than overstretching and “pushing through the barrier” approaches, myofascial stretching gently engages the tissue restrictions, then, just as gently, moves into the tissue to elongate or “telescope” the tissue to allow releases.

We teach this wonderful and most effective technique in a, “one-on-one”, 60-minute appointment. These exercises can be performed by the client in the comfort of their own home.

Our Home Exercise program also teaches proper and safe use of exercise balls and a foam roller. This program is designed to allow the individual to self-treat between visits to ease fascial restrictions and reduce their pain. Let us show you how to use the “grapefruit sized” ball to alleviate those painful knots in as little as 5-15 minutes.