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f you have hip pain or knee pain, we can increase movement, function, and decrease pain with John F. Barnes myofascial release therapy.

Our therapy is a whole body approach to finding and releasing fascial restrictions that limit your ability to move, and enjoy a pain free life. In addition, if you’re planning hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, we can help provide a more successful surgical outcome with Myofascial Release Therapy treatments pre and post—surgery.

You do not have to suffer an overt trauma or sports injury to experience hip or knee pain. If you think of your body as an architectural structure, you will view your legs as the uprights that support the rest of your body. If these vertical beams are not aligned to support the weight of the body load stacked upon it, they will be strained by that load and will begin to break down at the joints. This uneven compression causes uncommon wear and tear and painful movement. It is the length – tension relationship of the MyoFascial Soft Tissues that determines the placement and alignment of the bones. Correcting and balancing these connective tissues (Muscle and Fascia) through clinical therapeutic results-based massage is the key to happy healthy knees, hips, ankles and feet.

MyoFascial therapy is very beneficial in controlling chronic pain and the difficulties with limited movement of the hip joint. MyoFascial therapy helps in promoting the recovery process and in strengthening the muscle tissue which leads to prevention of repetitive or re-injuries in the future.