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The Benefits Of Myofascial Massage Therapy For Patients In Gold River

Injuries, health issues, and disease are the leading cause of acute and chronic pain for people of all ages living in and around Gold River. Rosemont Therapy is a specialized practice providing John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Therapy, a highly effective form of chronic pain relief massage therapy that treats the whole person.

The use of Myofascial Massage Therapy (MFR) provides lasting pain relief for a wide range of conditions. These include fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue pain relief, as well as pain relief for hips, knees, leg, foot, and sports injury pain relief. With the gentle technique of Myofascial Release Therapy, patients do not experience the pressure or discomfort often associated with a deep tissue muscle massage.

Neck and Back Pain Relief

For any type of relief of neck pain or shoulder and back pain, this form of therapy provides relief and fascial release. The fascia is the connective tissue that is found throughout the body. In using this form of shoulder pain relief massage therapy, the release of the fascia throughout the body increases the range of motion, stimulates healing, and reduces muscle tension that is contributing to the pain.

When used as a part of a neck pain relief massage, MFR is also effective in providing headache pain. MFR can assist in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines and the pain associated with TMJ. Through the use of MFR, our patients can live a life without these debilitating health issues.

Your Experience

As an experienced certified, licensed, and insured massage therapist for neck and shoulder pain, Dennis Wilson offers in-office personalized myofascial home treatment and flexibility programs to enhance your healing between visits.

Similar to physical therapy, MFR treatments utilize a hands-on approach to very gently provided sustained pressure to specific areas of the fascia that is creating a restriction in movement and creating pain. Throughout the process, our lower back pain massage therapists discuss the process with the patient, guiding breathing and helping to create a deeper relaxation to reduce and eliminate pain throughout the body.

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