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If you’ve tried traditional physical, occupational or Massage Therapy, prescription medicine or other types of therapy with no relief for your chronic pain condition, or have been told you “just have to live with it”, then you owe it to yourself to try myofascial release therapy.

There are two types of pain. The first is acute pain is what most of us have experienced and it usually has a beginning and an end with medical care and recovery.

The second type of pain is chronic pain. It starts out as acute pain but for some reason the body does not return to “normal”. We look to medical science for a cure but the human body is complex and conventional medicine has its limits. If someone is hurt or ill, the expectation by the family is that the person will recover after a reasonable period of time.

But, with chronic pain, it does not. It is unresponsive to conventional treatments. In addition, the person may appear to have “recovered”, look well and have good days where they are able to function almost at a normal level.

But, appearances can be deceiving. In actuality the person is caught in a maze, frustrated, confused, and angry and scared about what the future holds. They’ve seen the pain experts, done what they are told without relief and are left asking will their pain ever go away?

As time goes by, the ability to believe help for the pain will be coming, is replaced by a need to do anything to stop the pain. This creates a downward spiral into fear, anxiety and anger which disrupts lives, causes family members and friends to pull away and careers to falter.

If you have, or live with someone who has chronic pain and have tried conventional medical treatments, medicine, and physical therapy or massage therapy and found no relief, then you owe it to yourself and family to call us and try the John F. Barnes, PT approach to myofascial release. It has helped tens of thousands of people reduce their pain and regain function, mobility and strength and reclaim their lives.